TFOA is built on a high level of trust that is developed within the group since our founding in 2007. Members adhere to a strict code of conduct around privacy and confidentiality. Over time, this has allowed us to develop strong bonds of friendship and trust. Our core membership principles are as follows…

WHEREAS,  TFOA is an association of wealthy families and professionals serving such families as family office professionals; and

WHEREAS, family office management involves serving as advisors, counselors and consultants to wealthy clients with respect to their business, legal, financial and personal interests and holdings; and

WHEREAS, the purpose of TFOA is to serve as a resource to its members providing information and support through regular and special meetings and networking opportunities to address issues of particular interest to wealthy families and family office professionals;

NOW, in consideration of the benefits of membership and participation in TFOA, the Members agree to abide by the following guidelines, principles and conditions:

1. TrustTFOA is based on open communication and trust to facilitate the free exchange of information among its Members to serve their respective families / clients better.

2. ConfidentialityEach Member will hold in strict confidence information about and shared by other Members.

3. ProfessionalismMembers shall at all times conduct themselves in a professional manner and shall represent TFOA and its Members as such.

4. Non-SolicitationMembers shall not solicit the clients or staff of other Members nor shall they use TFOA for the purpose of promoting specific products or services from which they derive financial benefit.

5. Conflict of InterestEach Member and its representative(s) shall abstain from participating in any TFOA discussion, meeting or activity which would constitute a conflict of interest or appear as a conflict of interest for the Member.

6. Cooperative FocusThe success of this organization depends on open communication and cooperative, supportive, and trusted relationships among its Members. If a competitive situation should arise, Members will handle it professionally, offering disclosures and abstentions as appropriate.

7. Member ManagementTFOA operates on an honor system which assumes Members possess the highest level of integrity and will be respectful of the privacy of others.

8. Membership Roster: TFOA provides its members with a Membership Roster containing information provided by its members. All information contained in the roster is solely for the use of its members and cannot be copied, reproduced, distributed or otherwise disseminated in any other manner to any other individual, organization or industry service providers.

The value of our network is the network, and our network survives on trust. We look forward to continuing to grow our network and evolve our programming in a way that remains true to our core principles and adds value to our members.